Monday, 29 August 2011

1st of September meeting: The UK riots

Let´s discuss the recent UK riots and the possibilities for left politics. Not focusing on one text in particular but here is some recommended reading:

The Commune - Don´t moralise, don´t judge, don´t take pictures - it´s time for the riot to get radical:

Socialism and/or Barbarism - On open letter to those who condemn the looting
Part 1:
Part 2:

University for Strategic Optimism - #riotcleanup or #riotwhitewash?

Slavoj Zizek- Shoplifters of the World Unite

And some interesting videos and more texts can be found here:

Some questions that we might like to discuss around:

What are the possibilities for the radicalization of the riots when class is no longer functioning as a point of collective resonance for mass action? Are consumerist subjectivities and desires too entrenched, even (or especially) amongst the working and underclasses, to shift into something else; revolutionary collective desire? Is the Left in the UK too weak to build on the possibilities of the hegemonic rupture created by the riots; too hesitant to seek productive connections and alliances with the anger of the rioters, and lacking the coherence necessary to present an offensive front against the dominating right-wing discourse? What can be done about the huge repressive power of the state (in the form of police, army, weapons, courts and prisons) when it comes to mass uprisings?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Writing exercise for 18th of August - reading our own texts

Some of the people who attend the group will write short texts and we'll discuss them during the meeting. Everyone is invited to write! It doesn't need to be an amazingly original and exceptional text.

Formulate problems that are interesting for you, speak about some texts/authors/things that inspire or bother you, or maybe just pose a series of questions. The texts may or may not be published in this blog before the meeting. In case they don't, they will be distributed during the meeting.


Here two of the texts: